Our Curriculum: Intent, Implementation and Impact

At New Hinksey Church of England Primary School we believe in the need for an engaging curriculum focussed on both skills and knowledge acquisition, which encourages and nurtures children’s self-belief, enthusiasm, independence, curiosity, resilience, emotional intelligence and passion for learning.

We want all our pupils to enjoy gaining knowledge, developing skills and thinking creatively whilst embedding the learning behaviours, self-reliance and adaptability that they will need to successfully embrace the challenges of the diverse modern world in which we live.

To do this we plan for learning using a cross curricular approach, but we recognise that some areas and subjects are taught as ‘stand alone’ areas if there is no meaningful link to the termly topic. From Early Years to Year 6 children acquire knowledge and develop skills in an integrated way through age appropriate ‘topic’ themed units.

Maths teaching and learning is delivered discretely using the Abacus Scheme. Opportunities for additional topic related maths such as using, applying and problem solving are always sought. Some aspects of English are taught discretely whilst other parts of English are related to the term’s topic and texts related to the topic. Vocabulary is taught effectively across the whole curriculum. There is a high level of talk in all lessons, applying key vocabulary and allowing for reasoning and depth of discussion in learning.

All planning, learning and assessment for Key Stages 1 and 2 is done with reference to the 2014 National Curriculum, as well as age-related ‘Can do’ statements for each subject and year group.

In Nursery and Reception the Statutory Framework for The Early Years Foundation Stage (September 2021) guides and shapes the learning.

The scheme we use to teach children phonics (letters and the sounds they make) is called Read Write Inc.

We aim to enrich each topic with a variety of experiences such as visits out of school, visitors to school, workshops, activity themed days or special events. Often topics lend themselves more to a particular subject focus, for example, science or geography. Where this is the case, the range of topics selected over the year is chosen to enable comprehensive coverage of all subjects over a school year.

This curriculum intent and implementation fits cohesively within our over-arching vision to guide our whole school community to ‘Live life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10).

Lessons are planned to ensure that core knowledge is taught clearly and consistently. Previous learning is revisited and reviewed with children at key points in a unit of work. Staff meet regularly to review the curriculum and evaluate learning, as well as undertaking professional development together and sharing expertise and ideas to enhance the learning experience of pupils. The Governing Body holds the school to account via the Performance and Standards Committee.

The effectiveness and accessibility of learning for all children at New Hinksey C.E Primary is continuously evaluated by regular assessment of prior learning, opportunities for talk and feedback.

Formative assessment is used routinely within lessons, in order to address children’s misconceptions swiftly and efficiently. Summative assessments take place three times a year to track children’s progress against the curriculum.

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What to expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage


Topic Cycle

New Hinksey 2-year Topic Cycle


Curriculum Planning Documents

Puffins Cycle B
Cycle B
Year 2 Owl Cycle B
Year 3 & 4 Dove Cycle B
Year 5 & 6 Kingfisher Cycle B

Subject Information


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