Our school does not have an obligatory school uniform. We want the children to be happy and comfortable in what they wear to school. We ask that pupils come sensibly dressed in clothes that are suitable for the weather conditions and that are not so special and smart that that they will be damaged by a bit of paint or glue.

We do have school sweatshirts, t-shirts and polo shirts with the school logo on them. These come in a variety of colours. We urge every child to have one or two of our New Hinksey tops as there are some times in the school year when we ask for them to be worn – such as for class photos, concerts and performances or when out on a trip or activity somewhere else.

Some families like their children to wear a uniform each day consisting of the type of uniform trousers, skirts and dresses found in many chain stores and supermarkets, teamed with a school sweatshirt. This is perfectly acceptable and a number of children do so.

We hold quite a bit of new stock and a great deal of second hand items in the school office. Throughout the year there are a few uniform sales and there are opportunities to place orders at other times.

For PE lessons in Years 1 – 6 children should have a PE bag in school with a traditional style of t-shirt, shorts, socks and trainers or plimsolls. For outdoor PE children may also want a pair of jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt. The t-shirt that is worn for PE must be different to the one worn for the rest of the school day. However, if your child is wearing well fitted trainers to school these can be worn for PE lessons too as long as socks are changed.